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50W UVC LED Sterilization Lamps

Time:2020-12-18 12:09:15

Goldenlite New High Power 50W UV-C LED Sterilization Lamps. powerful UVC lamp. These deliver a total of 50 UVC watts proven to destroy up to 99% of viruses, as well as bacteria and funguses. 

UV-C is mostly blocked by O2 and O3 in the stratosphere, and most of the amount emitted from sunlight is almost blocked making it impossible to reach the earth, but the bactericidal power is very strong. Approximately 25% of the amount of UV-A emitted from the sun reaches the earth. UV-C refers to light in the wavelength range of 200nm ~ 280nm and has a strong sterilizing power compared to UV-A and UV-B. 

It can help kill off viral agents and bacteria, so it’s a great addition to bathrooms, bedrooms or other areas where you spend a good amount of time daily. 

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