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Portable UVC LED Sterilizer 3W

Time:2020-12-18 12:03:00

Goldenlite Technology new portable uvc led sterilizer 3w. This little UV sanitizer can kill off all the germs on a pacifier, bottle nipple, or other small item in less than one minute. And it can be run off a wall outlet or using three AA batteries, making it highly portable. It has a strap for easy attachment to a stroller or diaper bag and its UV lights automatically shut off when the top is opened, keeping curious little eyes safe if a baby or toddler tries to lift the lid during operation.

Most viruses and bacteria get into the human body via the nose or mouth. Babies put just about everything in their mouths, especially pacifiers and bottle nipples specifically designed to go there. So it follows that cleaning a pacifier or bottle top is critical for keeping a baby safe, and in the days of a global pandemic, the quick rinse we relied on in years past isn't good enough. 

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