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LED Grow Lights

Dual Dimming Channel LED Grow Light

  • Dual Dimming Channel LED Grow Light, Top Bin LED Chips, Samsung LM301B,LM301H & Osram. Two Channels seperated control, VEG Channel and BLOOM Channel Control, Energy Saving


Product NameDual Channel Dimming LED Grow Light
Model No.GLS800W
Watts600W 640W 800W
Light Output(PPF)

600W(6 Light Bars): 1800μmol/s

640W(8 Light Bars): 1920μmol/s

800W(8 Light Bars): 2400μmol/s

Efficiency (PPE)3.0 μmol/J
Spectrum Full Spectrum with UV&IR
Color3000K,5000K,660nm, 730nm,395nm
Channel 1 (VEG)Full Spectrum+660nm
Channel 2(BLOOM)Red 660nm+IR730nm+UVA395nm
Control MethodKnob Dimmer, VEG BLOOM Seperated Control 
Power Factor0.97
WeightN.W. 15.80 kg,  G.W. 18.00kg
Mounting Height12~24 inches
CertificationsFCC CE RoHS 
Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty


Top Bin Samsung & Osram 

High Efficacy up to 3.0 μmol/J

Full Spectrum with UV & IR Lights

Dual Channel Dimming Seperated Control  

Two Channels have better light efficient for plants 

Energy Saving, VEG BLOOM Channel seperated control 

Mix Full Spectrum LED Grow Light produce high yields 

New lighting solutions for medical indoor plants 

Support with OEM & ODM Services. 


Full Spectrum with UV & IR grow light is perfect for medical indoor plants, greenhouse,etc.

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