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222nm UV Sterilization Lamp

Time:2021-11-26 13:00:00

GOLDENLITE new uv sterilization lamp, 222nm wavelength uv sterilization lamp. It is our product series,wattage from 20w to 60w, new 3 types. 222nm is greater than 254nm. What is 222nm uv sterilization lamp ? 

222nm: Columbia University and Japan Kobe University respectively studied that UVC radiation with the wavelength of 222nm can inactivate bacteria, and will not cause adverse effects on skin and eyes. Under the condition of the same dose of UV ultraviolet, 222nm has a stronger bactericidal effect than 254nm. 

222nm UV Sterilization Lamp(图1)

Product name: 60W UV Sterilization Lamp 

Rated power: 60W 

Rated voltage:AC 220V /110V 

UV wavelength: 222nm 

UV Optiical Power: 3500mW

Start time: 1S

Lifespan: 4000 Hours

Glass tube: High purity quartz

Beam angle: 100°

Product size: 396x349x68mm 

Application area: 40~50 square meters

Safety for human: Mercury free

Storage environment: Dry, ventilation

Certificate: CE RoHS FCC


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