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820W LED Grow Light Replace for HPS Grow Light Fixture Directly

Time:2023-04-14 16:32:47

820W LED Grow Light 1:1 Replacement for HPS Fixture 1000W in Greenhouse vertical Indoor Plants. Full Spectrum 6500K+660nm+450nm designed for all stage of growth. 2050 µmol/s output 25% energy saved VS. 1000W HPS

Product Features:

1:1 replacement for HPS grow light

Compatibility with old HPS wiring and electrical.

Easy & direct installation, no circuit layout changes required.

Excellent heat dissipation, easy to maintain

Die-casting and FIN type heat sink combination, excellent heat dissipation.

Patented detachable LED module, easy to maintain.

Full spectrum, high output, energy saved

Adopted with Seoul led chips in TOP bin

2000 µmol/s output 25% energy saved VS. 1000W HPS

Broad full spectrum (6500K+660nm+450nm) designed for all stage of growth

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